What you should know before moving to Alaska

Every day, thousands of people in the United States wake up and think about packing their job in completely and moving to Alaska to live a life of solitude. Though in reality many of these people never end up this, it’s still a dream for a lot of people caught up in the dollar chase that is America.

Now lets make it clear; people do make this move, and with good reason too. But, before you even consider making a move of this magnitude, it’s definitely worth consider a few things beforehand. That’s why we’ve created this list of 3 things you should know before moving to Alaska.

You really have to love Winter

Very often, people from the South of the United States say that they like winter. What they really mean is that they like going to New York for a few weeks in December, or going skiing in Ontario. It’s a completely different thing when you are living a winter reality the majority of the time, we can tell you that. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way that you can tell if you will adapt to the winter full time or not. Just be prepared that you might want to move back at some point if you are not enjoying it as much as you like.

Missing your loved ones

You might be used to this if you are a frequent traveller, but this is something that many people do not anticipate when they move away for the very first time. Of course it is important to remember you are always just a flight or two away from home if you end up missing your loved ones too much.


If you’re from a big city where you do not have to drive everywhere, then driving around Alaska may be a shock to the system for you as it is quite different from driving in other places. It’s very mountainous and there is a large distance between places, so just be prepared for that before you move to Alaska.


These are the 3 main reasons why people aren’t as big of a fan of Alaska when they get here as they are in their minds. If you are aware of all these factors, then there’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with living in Alaska like everyone else who lives here!

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