The Unexplored kaleidoscope of Natural Entities | About Alaska

This is a guest post by a resident of Chistochina.

In terms of serenity, wilderness and unconventionality, nothing could beat Alaska- the state that has redefined the meaning of geographical fascinations for many. Though it is a part of the United States of America, Alaska has been separated from the rest for many years. This has made it a least densely populated region with immense unexplored geographical attractions to boast off.


Accessibility and Transportation in Alaska

Alaska is accessible via all means- rail, road, air and water. As per reports, the road connectivity is less in comparison to other parts of US, however what links Alaska to the country is much developed Alaska Highway.

Another vital infrastructure in Alaska is the railroad or the system of interlinked railways, which has paved way for recent commercial success in the state.

Not in large number, but there are certain commercial flight takings to various parts of the state.

While many remote parts are inaccessible through these modes, water transport provides a sign of relief for such places. The state owned highly developed ferry system has commendably hiked the tourism sector here.


Alaska in culture

Owing to its distinct geographical features that outline the cultural diversity of the state, many bloggers and travel experts have reviewed the beauty and serenity of the state. Alaska witnesses an outbreak of visitors annually during popular festivals and events. A developing paradise on earth- Alaska plays host to several events. Some of the festivals that draw millions of tourists from across the globe include the blueberry festival, Alaska hummingbird festival, Sitka whale fest among others.


Where is Alaska?

General Billy Mitchell once claimed that Alaska is the center part of the world. The exact interpretation however lies in the fact that the region was approachable via all urban commercialized parts of the world. Latitude and Longitude system has briefed about the exact location to be in both eastern and western hemisphere- thus explaining the diversity in geographical features.

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